Gray hairs can be downright terrifying. They’re worse than all the horror films combined. You can turn those off, but gray hairs grow on your head and shatter your beauty ideal. Sure, you can dye them. But the truth is, gray hair is a sign that youth is giving way to age. It’s enough to make women panic. So, if your gray hairs are stressing you out, take a deep breath and keep reading. You might feel better about your silver strands.

Gray hair doesn’t mean you’re losing yourself

With gray hair, you might feel like you’re losing yourself, your youth – you. But the truth is, we all change, and your hair changes, too. But it’s still your hair, no matter what color it happens to be. And while dying your hair might make you feel like your old self, your un-dyed hair just might be your most natural self.

Women can go gray and still look pretty sexy

At the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, Jessica Biel showed up with gray hairs. Katie Holmes also let her gray hairs make an appearance at the 2018 Grammy Awards. Neither ladies explained their hair choice, nor did they apologize for it.

In January, Chrissy Teigen tweeted (@chrissyteigen), “I have a skunk like streak of grey hair and I’m actually very into it. My cruella dreams are coming true!”

And while most of us might not dream of being Cruella de Vil, we do dream of being and staying beautiful. So, maybe it’s time to rewrite beauty rules to include naturally gray hair? After all, men aren’t pressured to cover and disguise gray hair the same way women are.

It’s your hair, so do what makes you feel good

At the end of the day, your hair is your hair. So, if you want to embrace gray hairs, find support in celebrities and other women who are doing the same. But if the thought of losing your former hair color is bringing you down, don’t stay gray – literally and figuratively.

It’s totally okay to dye your hair. What’s most important is that you love how you look so that you feel good, with or without gray hair.

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