One of the best qualities any friend can have is being a good listener. And ten-to-one, you can easily remember a difficult time when all you wanted was someone to talk to. And as much as we appreciate having a friend who’s a good listener, it’s not always easy to be one. So, keep reading to learn how to become a better listener

Hear them out

When your friend needs to rant – try to hear them out. They might need someone to just listen without interruption.

Sometimes, people just need to unload.

Be open and empathetic

It’s difficult to not be judgmental. And sometimes judgments sneak out in a comment we blurt out, or a facial expression we failed to hide.

So, instead of being judgmental, try being open and empathetic.

Be present

Most of us lead pretty distracted lives and social media and smartphones don’t help one bit. Putting the phone away can help tremendously.

Listen, not only to their words, but also to the sound of their voice and observe their body language.

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