3 tips to overcome the fear of being successful

Many women fear failure. At least that’s what we think. But the truth is, many women are actually afraid of being successful. And unfortunately, it’s this fear that can hold you back, keep you stuck, and prevent you from reaching success – whatever success means to you. So, to find out what the fear of success looks like, and how to overcome it, keep reading.

Fear is a completely normal experience. It’s our brain’s way of keeping us safe when we’re facing the unknown, new challenges, or even risks. Fear think’s it’s keeping you safe, but it’s actually preventing you from stepping out into the unknown and ultimately growing into the person you’re supposed to be.

And this fear extends not only to potential failure, but to potential success.

For example, are you afraid of success because to you, it means:

  • Not having enough time for friends, family and everything else
  • Not being able to manage everything on our own
  • Not finding the right colleagues
  • Not being able to resolve potential conflicts
  • Not being able to maintain important relationships

If you say these things to yourself, guess what? You’re afraid of being successful.

So, to overcome this fear and live big, Success coach, Christine McAlister, has these three tips:

Acknowledge your fear

Instead of ignoring or being ashamed of your fear, acknowledge it and make steps to move forward anyway.

Make a clear and concise plan

“What if’s” can keep you paralyzed and stuck, and as long as you’re afraid, the “What if’s” will dominate your thinking mind. Therefore, believe that you are capable of accomplishing your dreams and then create a concise action plan that will help you reach it. And if you don’t believe it, fake it until you make it. You can override your fear.

Seek help when necessary

Reaching for the stars might mean stepping into the unknown, and doing things you’ve never done before. So, don’t be afraid to seek help, ask questions and tap into other people’s knowledge and expertise to help you reach your goal.