How to get radiant skin with topical vitamin C

If you’re like most, this winter is leaving you with dry and dull skin. And right about now, you’ll do just about anything to give it an extra boost of vim and vigor. And while glowy cosmetic products do help, the surest way how to get radiant skin is with a good skincare routine – especially one that contains topical vitamin C. Here’s why.

Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient for radiant, healthy skin. And since the human body doesn’t produce this water-soluble vitamin, it’s up to you to add it to both your diet and your skincare routine.

Among its many benefits, vitamin C stimulates collagen production, which adds elasticity, firmness, tone and a youthful bounce to skin. This in turn helps to diminish signs of aging, like wrinkles and lines.

Because collagen also supports healthy circulation in the skin, topical vitamin C can help your skin to stay nourished, rather than ending up rough and dry.

Topical vitamin C is useful in protecting against harmful UV rays, and can also neutralize free radicals, both of which lead to premature aging and skin damage.

As you can see, topical vitamin C is your skin’s best friend and if it’s not part of your skincare routine, it should be.

To get you started, check out Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, a serum made with almost 13 percent vitamin C.


95 percent of users recommend this product, and one 5-star review noted that “this serum makes my skin feel like velvet.” Another happy customer said she no longer needs to wear foundation since using this topical vitamin C product.

Whether you use Kiehl’s concentrate or another formula, consider adding vitamin C to your beauty arsenal for radiant, fresh skin.

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