5 essentials you need in your makeup bag 

Whether you like barely-there makeup, or a full-on glam look, there are five essentials you need in your makeup bag. Sure, you can branch out and try new brands and formulas, depending on your skin type and beauty needs. But with these five essentials, you have everything you’ll ever need to pull off your makeup look.


Whether you want light, medium or full coverage. Or, something dewy or something matte. Or, whether you need to hide the evidence of a fun night out, you need foundation. This is your base, and without at least some foundation, the rest of your look won’t come together as well. 


The under eyes are usually an area that needs some delicate TLC. Whether they’re dry, or you’re dealing with under-eye circles, concealer evens things out so your under eyes don’t detract from the rest of your pretty face.


Come winter or summer, bronzer gives you that much-needed warmth with or without the sunshine. Whether you use cream or powder bronzers, they give you that instant sun-kissed look.


Depending on the look you’re going for, mascaras are an amazing way to transform not only your eyes, but your entire face. Go for long, voluminous lashes. Or, just add some lift and definition when you need a boost of confidence. 


Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget lips. Where to begin? Creamy formulas, matte shades, liquid lipsticks, tinted balms, and an endless selection of colors. You can choose a demure nude, or you can go with a bold red, depending on the day and your mood. 

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