Ah, the French woman. She’s the epitome of effortless sophistication. And try as we might, it’s hard to figure out that chic French girl style. It’s a style 6th sense that evades all of our best efforts. So, if you want to nail French girl style but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading for these five fashion tips.

Have timeless pieces in your wardrobe

Trends are great, but they shouldn’t make up the majority of your wardrobe. Instead, invest in classic pieces that can stand the test of time. A good white blouse, a pair of skinny pants that fit you perfectly, and a beige trench coat. These are the types of pieces that can give you instant French girl style.

Keep jewelry simple

According to Anthropologie stylist, Christy Michal, “When it comes to jewelry, always err on the side of less-is-more.” So, don’t be afraid to keep things simple, minimal and understated. Think of jewelry as the finishing touch to your outfit, and not as the star of the show.

Combine soft with structured

You might think you need to keep your outfit ultra feminine to nail French girl style. But that’s not the case. In fact, when you combine structured, more masculine pieces to your soft dresses and silhouettes, you bring balance to your otherwise romantic ensemble.

Have your own style signature

What is your style signature? It might be a floral fragrance. Maybe it’s a bold, red lip. Or maybe it’s your silk scarf that always rests around your neck in a perfectly coiffed tie. Whatever your style signature is, embrace it and wear it every day for effortless French girl style.

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