Micellar water is a favorite skincare product for many French girls, but that’s not the only reason why you should have it your bathroom cupboard. Micellar water cleanses skin and removes makeup but so do lots of other products. So, what makes this one special? Keep reading to find out.

Micellar water is a non-rinse cleanser

Micellar water was first created in France during the 1990s as a safe alternative to harsh tap water. This cleanser contains micelle molecules to trap dirt and oil on the skin. According to Beverly Hills dermatologist, Debra Luftman, MD,  micelles “work like a miniature sponge, mopping up dirt and makeup while hydrating your skin.”

Micellar water is great for sensitive skin types

This simple liquid doesn’t contain any alcohol or soap. This means micellar water is a gentle cleanser that actually works without being harsh or damaging to the skin. And even though soaps will make your face feel squeaky clean, they can dry out skin and disrupt your natural pH levels.

Micellar water is a toner, too

If you stick to your normal face cleanser, you can still follow up with micellar water. It can double as a toner for your skin thanks to its “oil-stripping ingredients often found in toners”, according to Murat Evin, the creative director at The London School of Make-up.

Micellar water is perfect for travel

Since you don’t need water to cleanse with micellar water, it’s a great travel piece, especially on long, dehydrating trips. With micellar water, you can hydrate and refresh your face whenever you want.

Micellar water removes makeup

Micellar water can also remove makeup, including waterproof cosmetics – all without the use of water. Dr. Alex Roher, MD, says it “doesn’t just smear your makeup around your face like many ‘removers’ or wipes.” Thanks to those little micelle molecules, it absorbs the makeup, and leaves your face fresh and hydrated instead.