5 things to do before a big fashion splurge

If you’ve been eyeing up an expensive designer item lately, one thing’s probably holding you back: the hefty price tag. As much as you love it, you’re probably obsessing a bit about whether or not you should buy it. To help you calm the butterflies in your stomach, and help you make a decision you feel good about, keep reading for the five things to do before a big fashion splurge.

Start saving

The high cost of a fashion item shouldn’t deter you from purchasing it, as long as you save and budget. This way, you won’t put yourself into a financial mess.

Review your wardrobe

You might love an item, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit into your current wardrobe. What colors do you wear the most? What are your go-to outfits? Will this big fashion splurge fit in with what you already have?


When an item is all the rage, chances are other people have bought it, and are talking about it, too. So, start doing some research to find out if the quality holds up, how it actually looks in real life, and how much you can fit inside of it.

Check the return policy in case you need to return it

Even after you save your money and do your research, you might finally make the big splurge and not really love your new piece. That’s completely okay, as long as you can return it. So, before purchasing, double-check the return policy.And keep your tags, tickets and invoices in case you choose to send it back.

Use your newly-purchased item

Most importantly, when you own your newest fashion splurge, use it! Don’t leave it in the box, bag or stowed away for safe keeping. Now that it’s yours, enjoy it as often as you can!

Painful sex might be caused by vaginismus

Painful sex is a common problem for many women. In fact, close to 75 percent of women have painful sex. Nonetheless, it’s a condition that’s widely misunderstood, or not spoken about enough. But one probable cause for painful sex might be something called vaginismus. And if you’re not sure what this is, and whether it’s something you’re dealing with, keep reading.

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