5 ways to focus and make intentional decisions

Does it feel like you’re just driving on autopilot most of the time? For some things, it makes perfect sense. There’s no need for your brain to focus on your morning or skincare routine. But chances are, you’re probably on autopilot for most of your day. That means, you’re making decisions without really thinking about them. So, if you want to focus and make intentional decisions, these five tips will put you back in the driver’s seat.

The truth is, many  of us live very busy and even hectic lives. And between your commitments and the fast-paced world we live in, life can be downright frantic. So, we need to be on autopilot just to move through the day.

But maybe things are getting a bit out of hand. In a recent study, researchers found that in the 3,000 people observed, a whopping 96 percent said that they made their decisions on autopilot.

What happens when this happens day-in and day-out? You can spend weeks, months and yes, even years, living on autopilot. So, if you want to wake up and stop sleep-walking through your life, try these five tips:

Create a vision for you and your life

What do you want in life? What makes you tick, and what makes you happy? If you don’t know what you want, how can you possibly obtain it?

Create goals

Now that you know your vision, set your navigation for these destinations. Then, create steps that take you there. It’s time to start giving your time and energy to these goals.

Learn to say no

Saying yes to things that you don’t want to do is a sure way to detour from your vision. Saying no is uncomfortable, but it lets you say yes to what is better suited for you. Hint: it’s easier to say no when you know what your goals and vision are.

Step back and assess

The problem with autopilot is that we just keep plowing forward without stopping to ask what’s working, what’s not working and what we can change. So, diligently check in with your goals on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Practice more mindfulness

The more mindful you are, the more present you are. And when you’re present, it’s a lot harder to sleep walk through life as you drive on autopilot. That’s because you’re awake now. So, see if you can start a mindfulness or meditation practice to help you feel more connected to the present moment.

Every New Year, people select their bad habits and lifestyle decisions that they want to change. So, now It’s time to ask yourself how it’s going. If it’s been hard breaking those bad habits, you’re not alone. One of the reasons why it’s so difficult is that most people try to break bad habits by simply resisting them. And if this is your approach to overcoming bad habits, it’s time to change that.

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