7 self-care practices that actually make you feel good 

Stress levels are high, energy is low, and it’s up to you to give yourself the self-care you need. The only problem is, so many of the self-care practices are centered around bubble baths and beauty bits. Not that that’s a bad thing. But sometimes, you need something that isn’t beauty-related, but still makes you feel good inside and out. So, when you need self-care – and don’t we all? – give these seven ideas a go.

Get outside

In our modern lifestyles, it’s safe to say we’ve all but lost touch with the earth. But when you’re feeling tense and stressed, get outside, kick off your shoes and sit in the grass. The earth’s surface is brimming with free electrons that can help calm the nervous system and make you feel grounded again.

Get organized 

When your surroundings are messy, it can make your mind feel cluttered, too. So, take some time – even just five minutes – to pull out your inner Mari Kondo. Organize your space and write a to-do list. Don’t you feel better already? 

Just dance

There’s that common cliche, “Dance like no one is watching.” And that’s exactly what you should do to make yourself feel good. Put on your favorite playlist and move. Don’t judge, don’t watch. Just dance. 

Sing anyways

The singers we listen to are usually highly edited and mixed down, so it’s easy to feel intimidated, or that you’re a bad singer in comparison. But this isn’t American Idol, so just sing anyways. It can actually help to lower stress levels, as this study found. 

Work up a sweat

You may not want to exercise, but you for sure want to feel good. And working out is one sure way to feel good. Exercise a little mind-over-matter and start moving. You can experience an immediate boost in your mood, according to neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki. 

Spend time with your people

The people we spend the most time with may not be the people we feel closest to and happiest with. So, make a concerted effort to schedule in time with people who make you feel loved, welcomed and important – because you are. 

Listen to music 

Yes, you probably listen to music while you work, while you commute and while you’re busy at home. But what about listening to music and not doing anything else? The act of listening to music is a lost art, but it’s still a great way to unplug for a while and nourish your spirit.