7 ways to make running way less boring

A big reason why people struggle to get and stay fit is because they get bored with their workout. And if you include running in your fitness routine, you know that it can get pretty boring. But don’t let boredom keep you from slipping into your running gear. With these seven simple tips, you can make running enjoyable and stimulating.

Schedule your run and TV time together

If you run at the gym, make sure you go when you know your favorite TV show will be on. And push yourself to run for the entire episode. It’s a great distraction and it will also make your run fly by.

Run with a friend

A workout buddy can keep you accountable, but she (or he) can do so much more. Expect to have great conversations, and along with a nice boost of endorphins, you can increase serotonin – the happy hormone – too.

Listen to your favorite podcast

Whether you run at the gym or in the great outdoors, save your favorite podcast for your run. It makes your run a physical challenge, as well as a mentally stimulating one, too.

Focus on form

Running is an easy, uncomplicated way to exercise, but like every other “move”, form is super important. Without good form, you can set yourself up for injury. So, move through a body checklist to make sure you’re staying in good form from head to toe.

Set mini landmarks

If your goal is to run three miles, you set yourself up for a long run and not much else. But if you set mini landmarks throughout your run, it breaks your run up into incremental pieces and gives you a bigger sense of accomplishment when you reach the end.

Challenge yourself

Sure, you can run at the same pace from start to finish, but what fun is that? Instead, challenge yourself by sprinting to a certain point, followed by a recovery jog. Or, find a nice incline and challenge yourself to race up it, and then enjoy a easy run on the way down.

Explore a new area

Visiting a new place – whether you run or not – helps the brain develop new neural pathways. This can help you feel more creative and get out of a mental rut. So, to keep both you and your run from getting boring, find a new path, park or area to run.

The Mediterranean diet has long been considered a heart-healthy diet, and for good reason. It’s a diet that fills you up with produce, whole grains and lean protein, while keeping processed foods and sugar, along with red meat to a minimum. However, a new study has just been published showing that a vegetarian diet can be just as beneficial to your heart as a Mediterranean diet. 

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