Pretty soon, you get to trade your big winter sweaters for summery tops: short sleeve, sleeveless, tank tops and more. And even though you’re ready for summer fashion, are your arms? To get them toned and sexy, try these seven weight-free exercises from Pop Pilates fitness instructor, Casey Ho

Arm Circles Forward

Hold each arm out to the side, with a slight bend in the elbow. Turn palms toward the ceiling, and simply make circles with your arms moving forward. Do this for one to two minutes.

Arm Circles Backwards

This move is the same as “Arm Circles Forward”, except here, you create circles in the opposite direction. To help you get through your one to two minutes, play your favorite song, and change the speed and size of the arm circles.


Place hands behind the nape of your neck, with elbows out. Then, draw your elbows together in front of the face, return to the original position and then extend arms all the way out to the side. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed.

Back Behinds

Hold your arms out to the side, and then bring your elbows into the side, before shooting your arms back out to the side. When arms are straight out, palms are down. When you bring arms into your side, flip palms up.

Reach Ups

Reach both arms straight out in front of you, shoulder width apart. Then, bend forearms straight up – your upper arms and your forearms will create an L-shape. Then, lift your upper arms up and down in small pulses.

Prayer Circles

Here, you start with the same posture as Reach Ups, except here, bring your elbows and palms together. Then, circle your arms in one direction, and then reverse your circle. Be ready for your biceps to burn!

Prayer Pulses

Keep the same posture as Prayer Circles, but instead of forming circles with your arms, shoot your arms up in tiny pulses, always keeping your elbows and palms together.

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