9 surprising beauty benefits of coconut oil

If you’re not using coconut oil in your beauty routine, you should be. It’s an incredibly versatile product that can be used for a myriad of beauty duties. Keep reading for nine of them.

Under eye treatment

The skin around your eye is the most delicate area of skin on your body. So, it’s important to use top notch oils here. Coconut oil can do the trick to nourish skin and reduce fine lines.


For glorious, goddess skin, massage coconut oil onto your body for deep hydration.

Lip balm

Keep coconut oil close at hand for 24/7 lip protection. You can even make your coconut vanilla lip balm for something extra special.

Makeup remover

Want to remove the day’s makeup without harsh chemicals and astringent products? Look no further than olive oil. Not only can it remove waterproof mascara, but it’s also incredibly gentle for most skin types.

Makeup brush cleaner

Makeup brushes are key if you want to prevent bacteria spreading and causing infection. Make your own cleaner using coconut oil and lemon juice. And voila! You’ve got clean brushes again.

Cuticle cream

The winter is brutal on your hands, and can leave you with cracked, peeling cuticles. Before you go to bed, massage coconut oil onto your cuticles to prevent infection and to keep your manicure longer, too.


Mixed with sugar or sea salt, coconut oil is an amazing (and delicious!) body scrub. This helps keep your fresh nourished, fresh and younger-looking.

Hair shine

For all your frizzy hair worries and fly-aways, coconut oil comes to the rescue. Just apply to the middle of the strand down to the ends for ultimate shine.

Hair conditioner

A weekly hair mask can work wonders to keep your hair healthy and strong. Warm some coconut oil before applying it to your hair, and then leave it in for at least an hour before removing it with your favorite shampoo and a good rinse.

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