American Idol is always full of unexpected surprises. From laugh out loud auditions, to tear jerking performances, this is one show that never ceases to disappoint. And on the season premier of American Idol, pop star and judge Katy Perry, has given us all something to talk about. 

Benjamin Glaze came to American Idol to make his big break – in music, that is, and not in love. He hails from Enid, Oklahoma, where he works as a cashier – a job that gives him the chance to meet “cute girls.”

In a nod to Katy Perry’s hit single, “I kissed a girl and I liked it”, judge Luke Bryan jokingly teased Glaze, asking if he’d kissed any of his cute customers.

Glaze’s response is something you might describe as cute, serious and dreamy. He said, “I have never been in a relationship and I can’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship.”

The jokes could have ended there, but Perry decided to take it one step further. She told Glaze to come up and give her a peck on the cheek. And he did. Then, she asked for another. But this second time, she planted a kiss on his lips.

And Glaze wasn’t all too happy about it. He went on to say, “Would I have done it if she said, ‘Would you kiss me?’ No, I would have said no.” Unfortunately, Glaze wasn’t given that opportunity. And to make it even worse for Glaze, he didn’t make it to the next round.

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