Audiences are used to see daring feats and impressive performances on the hit show, “America’s Got Talent.” But on Tuesday night, a daring trapeze performance didn’t go as planned when one acrobat plunged to the ground. Luckily, she wasn’t injured – and yes, the performance is worth watching.

Husband and wife, Tyce Nielsen and Mary Wolfe-Nielsen, make up the acrobatic team, “Duo Transcend”, and together they definitely know how to wow crowds. 

In Tuesday night’s performance, the couple began with Tyce suspended in mid-air, holding his wife by her neck. 

The routine developed into an impressive array of acrobatic moves, jaw-dropping feats and nerve-wracking moments. 

Everyone sat on the edge of their seats, including judges, like Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum, along with Mary’s own mother and two-year old son, Jaxx.

As their four-minute performance progressed, the routine became more and more intense. 

With flames below them, Tyce – who is already legally blind in one eye – put on a blindfold, before the couple attempted their closing move. And this is where the performance went awry.

In a planned move, Mary dropped from above Tyce, who was meant to catch her. But as her legs slipped past him, he couldn’t get a grip on her ankles and Mary continued to drop to their ground. 

It was a heart-stopping moment, where everyone froze, horrified at this potentially fatal drop. Soon after landing, Mary stood up, smiled and waved, letting everyone know that she was safe and uninjured.

Despite their fall, the judges moved them on to the next season. As judge Ken Jeong said, ‘This is not ‘America’s Got Perfection.’ It’s ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Nobody can do this.”

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