Avoid these 7 traps to save money and shop smart

Shopping makes us feel good until we look at our bank account and feel a swift kick of panic. Where did all the money go? And what about that budget? Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, done that. And the truth is, it’s all too easy to blow through your budget and spend, spend, spend. So, if you can avoid these seven traps, you can shop smarter and save your hard-earned money. Shop smart starting today!

When you get a raise or a tax refund

After you get a promotion, raise or that long-awaited tax refund, it feels like you have lots of free money. But save it rather than spend it.

When the idea makes you feel anxious

If the thought of spending money on that handbag makes you feel unsettled, put down your credit card and give it a good think. Your emotions are worth listening to.

When you get a promotional email

Your inbox can be a dangerous place. It reminds you of sales and items you didn’t even know existed and it can create a false need disguised as a desperate want.

When you’re already spending lots of money

If you’re making big and necessary purchases (think car and household maintenance), you probably don’t think an expensive pair of shoes is going to make that much of a difference. But every purchase counts.

When you’re drunk

Did you know that close to 50% of Americans who drink on a weekly basis shop while they’re a bit tipsy? And they’re spending an average of $200 while they’re at it.

When you’re online

Online shopping makes it way to easy to spend too much money. From add-ons, to one-click checkouts, to catchy campaigns and marketing ads. If you have to shop online, always use a list.

When everyone else is buying

When your friends are tapping into the latest fashion or beauty trends, it can make you want to join in and spend, too. But try to resist this peer pressure. Your bank statement will thank you.

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