Do you want one effective move that does it all for your abs? Exercise and fitness has gotten pretty good at isolating different areas of the body to tone and strengthen just those areas. But there’s one move you can do that works your entire core to help you get a killer 6 pack. It’s called “Ballers” and yes, it involves a ball. And yes, you’ll probably love it, too.

If you’re balking at the idea of using a big ball as part of your fitness routine, here’s one person who might persuade you: Kelly Ripa. When her husband, Mark Consuelos, posted a picture of Ripa slaying it in a gold bikini, she got a lot of love, and for obvious reasons.

She looks amazing and so does her 6 pack. Her trainer, Anna Kaiser, creator of AKT, says that Ripa is consistent, committed and loves to combine dance and exercise in her rigorous fitness routine.

So, Kaiser uses “ballers” (or, stability ball knee tucks) to give Ripa an all-in-one move that’s both enjoyable and that focuses on the entire core.

How to do ballers


Start in a pushup plank position, resting your shins on top of a Swiss ball. Focus on keeping your back straight and your core zipped up. Then, draw your knees toward your arms. Hold this position, before shooting legs bag to starting position.

Go ahead and do that 30 times per workout for an entire core workout that’s fun but also super effective.

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