Sometimes there comes a point when you just can’t stand the clutter and the mess anymore, and you have to tidy. But before you get carried away and start cleaning up, stop! If you first visualize your ideal lifestyle, your tidying efforts will be much more effective.

Mari Kondo is the bestselling author of the international hit, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. And in her book, Kondo gives tips on how to tidy your living space so you can have a more joyful life. 


And while a lot of emphasis goes to the actual tidying process, Kondo likes to remind people that what you do before you tidy makes all the difference. To be specific, Kondo recommends a visualization practice.

Here’s what you do:

Take the room you want to tidy and imagine how it ideally looks. Ask yourself how you want to use it. And how you see yourself spending your time there.

Once you picture yourself in your ideal room, ask yourself how you want this room to make you feel. What kind of emotions to you want to experience in that room?

This might seem a bit over the top for a room, but the truth is, our home is where we live our life. And how we spend time at home on a daily basis is how we live our life. 

So, before you tidy, visualize your ideal living space, imagine yourself using it, and think about the emotions you’d like to feel there. 

Then, keep this in mind as you tidy. In the end, you’ll have a room that supports you and your vision.

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