Beyoncé took the stage at this year’s Coachella music festival, performing to thousands of excited fans. But what set her performance apart from all her other shows is that this time, Beyoncé is the first woman of color to ever headline the California music festival.

Beyoncé was supposed to perform at Coachella last year, but her doctors told her not to. At the time, she was pregnant with twins. Lady Gaga performed in Beyoncé’s place. So, her performance has been a long time coming – both for Beyoncé and fans alike.

Just before her Saturday night performance, Beyoncé said n a Facebook post, “I am so excited to see the BeyHive tonight at Coachella. We have been working hard and have a special show planned for you so please be safe and stay hydrated. We need your energy”

Normally, performers at Coachella are meant to create a vibe, an atmosphere for the fans. But Beyoncé didn’t show up at Coachella to be background music. Her performance demanded attention. But it wasn’t just a show stopping display of song and dance.

Beyonce opened by saying, “Coachella, thank you for allowing me to the be the first black woman to headline.”

It was historically rich and perhaps even political. For one thing, there was a marching band in tow, evocative of football halftime shows from colleges where the athletes were mostly people of color.

Beyoncé didn’t just perform pop music. Sometimes, her music was reminiscent of New Orleans. Other times, the hip-hop scene of Houston – Beyoncé’s hometown.

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