Brad Pitt is spending time with someone new in what he describes as a professional friendship. The lady in question? MIT professor, Neri Oxman, who’s also a world-renowned architect. It seems their shared love for architecture and design brought them together. 

Someone referred Pitt to Oxman to help him finish an architectural project. And according to Page Six, “Brad and Neri instantly hit it off because they share the same passion for architecture, design and art. This is best described as a professional friendship.”

Nonetheless, the source goes on to say that while both individuals are cautious about taking things further, “Brad is very interested in spending more time with Neri, she is fascinating.”

And it’s not hard to see why.

Oxman is an Israeli-born architect and designer, who serves as a professor at MIT’s Media Lab. She’s also a pioneer in the field of Material Ecology, creating 3-D printers which can print biological matter as well as glass.

In the words of Paola Antonelli, MoMA senior curator for architecture and design, Oxman is “a person ahead of her time, not of her time.”

Pitt might not be a world-renowned architect, but his Make It Right campaign aims to improve home construction to reduce pollution. He’s also dabbled in sculptor and furniture design, according to an interview with GQ style.

While one can only speculate about Oxman and Pitt’s professional friendship, we do know that Oxman has already shared at least one opinion of Pitt in a 2017 interview with W Magazine, saying, “It’s just part of human nature to idolize stereotypes,” and she referred to Brad Pitt and George Clooney as two examples of modern day male icons.

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