Is it hard to resist chocolate? Can’t ever say no to chocolate? No matter how many times you resolve to cut back and say no, you always cave and eat the chocolate anyways. If that’s the case, you probably feel really bad about yourself and think you’re weak. But the truth is, there’s a simple scientific reason to explain this chocolate struggle, and it can make you feel better about yourself.

Our brains evolved long before the modern era. And even though you and I live in the 21st century, part of our brains still behave as though we’re living in prehistoric times – when food was scare and survival was a daily challenge.

These older parts of the brain are responsible for our survival. Therefore, when these older brain regions see chocolate, it doesn’t just see chocolate. It sees a means to survival, even though the modern parts of your brain know clearly well that there’s food in your refrigerator and cupboard. And if not, you probably have a grocery store nearby.

We know we don’t need chocolate to survive, but the older parts of our brain don’t agree and it’s hard to override their power.

So, if you’re having a hard time saying no to chocolate, go a little easy on yourself. The truth is, it’s the brain regions concerned with survival that drive you to eat chocolate. It’s that part of your brain that makes chocolate irresistible.

As you can see, this chocolate struggle isn’t because you’re weak. It’s because your brain is so strong. But you can counteract it by keeping chocolate out of the house, and stocking up on healthy snacks instead.

We do everything on the go, and that includes eating. What’s more, we’re usually pretty distracted during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Between work stress, smartphones and maybe even our favorite series on Netflix, we fly through our meals without even realizing it. But eating quickly may lead to unhealthy weight gain if you’re not careful. Read below to know more about how eating slowly can be good.

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