Black Panther got lots of hype and media attention before its premier. And an excited audiences filled movie theaters to finally see this long-awaited movie. But these fans put on a show of their own, wearing African prints and dashikis to welcome a film that’s worth all the hype, attention and praise it’s received.

Black Panther is all about a superhero who hails from a mythical African country called Wakanda. However, it was also a historically relevant movie for people of color the world over. First of all, a black director directed a mostly black cast.

Black Panther also hit theaters during Black History Month, and was a thrilling way to honor and celebrate people of color.

And moviegoers were proud and excited about that. This movie wasn’t just about a fictional superhero. It was about them, too. So, while movie stars are usually the ones to get decked out for the film premier, many fans showed up in African-inspired attire to welcome this movie.

Just check out some of the fans who showed up to see the premier of Black Panther:


It’s hard to believe that this woman wasn’t actually in the film – her artistry is spot on.


These bold, vibrant clothes hail from the African continent and these dashikis were spotted on moviegoers at the film’s premier in Europe.


This man even harked back to cult classic Coming to America and got his importation from King Jaffe Joffer.

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