“Times are changing – and so should our underwear.” At least, that’s what transparent clothing brand, Everlane, is saying. They’re known for making high-quality basics for men and women. And on Monday, March 26, Everlane is launching the most basic piece out there: underwear. And it’s made with one person in mind: you.

According to Everlane’s creative director, Alex Spunt, “We wanted to make beautiful, simple pieces and strip away all the necessary details.” And their campaign video shows just how serious Everlane is about stripping what doesn’t work and giving women underwear that’s perfect for them.

The women featured in the campaign aren’t flawless industry models. They’re women like you and I. What’s more, the pieces are simple and basic.

Everlane is going against “bras that push, pad, and squeeze. Fabrics that suffocate. Lace that chafes. The industry has made billions telling women that in order to feel sexy, they need to look like something they’re not.”

So, after playing around with 40 prototypes, Everlane is offering a simple, stream-lined range, including a a body suit, a tank-style bra and four bottoms: hipster, high-rise hipster, thong and bikini.

Everlane chose to use Supima cotton – a special material with extra-long fibers to provide you with soft yet durable underwear.

Consistent with Everlane’s values, their new underwear range is sustainably manufactured in a Sri Lankan factory, where female employees receive double the country’s minimum wage. So, not only do these new pieces feel good, but they’re also something you can feel good about, too.

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