Now that spring is on its way, you’ve got exciting events to plan (and dress!) for. Bridal showers, wedding celebrations, engagement parties, graduations, and so much more – they all require an appropriate dress, right? So, for some outfit inspiration, here are seven figure-flattering wrap dresses on sale to keep you looking fabulous for all your warm weather engagements.

Willow & Clay Midi Wrap Dress

Price: $65.40


A beautiful botanical print and delicate ruffles makes this graceful dress perfect for day and evening events.

Chelsea28 Shadow Stripe Wrap Dress

Price: $83.40


This deep burgundy shade would be heavy and serious, but thanks to the bunched detailing at the sleeves, this wrap dress makes a bold statement softly.

Billabong Kimono Maxi Dress

Price: $44.96


Channel your boho vibes with this flowery, floor-length gown, perfect for cool evenings and cloudy days.

LUSH Elly Wrap Dress in Withered Rose

Price: $49.00


Simple, classic and elegant. This V-neck wrap dress is available in eight other shades and patterns including four floral prints, two stipe options and a cloudy blue tone.

TopShop Freya Floral Wrap Dress

Pricce: $46.99



Bold says it all when it comes to this vibrant dress. Black piping stands out against the vivacious blooms. You’ll never be a wallflower in this wonderful piece.

Jill Jill Stuart Faux Wrap Satin Gown in Gold

Price: $262.80


This wrap dress is fit for a goddess, so don’t be afraid to show up and wear this dress in all its glory.

The Fifth Label Ophelia Stripe Wrap Dress

Price: $56.98


The black and white stripes make a bold statement, softened by ruffle details at the hem and sleeves.

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