Not everyone has J Lo’s booty, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less in the glutes department. That’s because your butt is actually a muscle, and with the right exercises, you can actually build muscle mass, and yes – get a better booty. So, if that’s one of your current fitness goals, here are five Pilates moves that don’t require any equipment and – bonus! – won’t disturb your neighbors.

Kelli Segars, of Fitness Blender recommends doing each Pilates move for about 35 seconds, with a 10 second break before moving on to the next exercise. If you find that these moves are too easy you can add weights or resistance bands to amp up your workout, but only do so if you’ve got perfect form.

As you go, remember to have good form, keeping your muscles tight and drawing in your abs. This can help prevent injury.

Reverse Leg Lifts


Kneel on hands and knees, and slowly extend one leg back behind you, and then return it to starting position. Take your time to really get the most out of this move, rather than relying on momentum. After 35 seconds, switch to the other side.

Fire Hydrant


While staying on the your hands and knees, lift leg to the side rather than behind you. Yes, you’ll look like a dog, stopping at a fire hydrant. But it’s a highly effective move for glutes. After one side, switch for a balanced workout.

Inside Thigh Lift


Lay on your side, and prop yourself up on your elbow and rest your head on your hand. Then, lift your Botton leg straight up and in front of you. As always, alternate to the other side.

Outside Thigh Lift


Here, you remain on your side, but instead of lifting the inside leg, lift your top leg. Don’t worry if you’re not very flexible, or can’t lift your leg all the way up. Focus on good form to get the most out of this workout.



The final move is another floor exercise. Lay on your side, just like you’ve been doing for the Inside and Outside Thigh Lift. Draw knees together in front of you, and lift top knee up and down. This is a great move for the glutes.

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