Get amazing abs in 10 minutes or less

When it comes to getting that six pack, you might think you need to clock in a lot of painful hours at the gym. But nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, with the right workout, 10 minutes a day can get you enviable abs. So, here are the top, 10-minutes-or-less ab workouts that you can do no matter how busy you are. Get amazing abs today!

Sore-y Not Sorry Ab Workout Challenge

Time: 5:12 minutes

Casey Ho is the energetic, motivating fitness instructor behind the wildly successful YouTube channel, Blogilates. She has over four million subscribers, all of whom she kicks into shape with her big personality and her favorite pop music.

In just five minutes, Casey gives your upper abs, lower abs and midsection a nice workout, while listening to “Sorry not Sorry” by Demi Lovato.

Fast Ab Workout Summer Song Challenge #1

Time: 6:43 minutes

Casey’s song challenge workout pushes you to do just one challenging move for the entire song. In this ab workout, you simply do the Ab Rope Climb, to strengthen and chisel your six pack. And with a fun song playing the entire time, it’s easier to make it through this ab challenge.

Total Ab Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Core

Time: 7:29 minutes

In this quick sunny workout, you get to build confidence and stronger abs with just five moves: star abs, single leg jackknives, double leg lifts, punch crunches, and earthquakes.

Together, these moves work upper and lower abs, along with the obliques. And if you feel like you’re not going to make it to the end, Casey’s upbeat personality keeps you focused and motivated.

People casually refer to being “addicted” to their smartphones, or to a specific social media platform. But the scary truth is that smartphone notifications trigger something very powerful in the brain, and it can be quite difficult to resist it. In fact, smartphones use psychological tricks that you might want to know about. 

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