Olivia, founder of Organic Olivia, is an inspiring millennial who’s constantly sharing ways to create health and wellness naturally. She shares her insights with hundreds of thousands of women throughout the world. One of her healthy habits is incredibly simple and can make a huge difference in your life, too.

Go phone-are when you wake up

Olivia’s healthy habit is easy, but it might take some getting used to at first. But chances are, you’re going to see amazing results. Here it is:

Don’t touch your phone within the first hour of waking up in the morning.

Why? Because it’s a great way to get to know yourself. We’re constantly running away from ourselves. So, this phone-free time can be a great way to return to you.

Now, it probably doesn’t feel like you purposefully run away from yourself. But when your mind is constantly filled with so much external noise and chatter, it’s really hard to get to know the true you.

That’s because your iPhone fills your mind with lots of social media notifications, negative news feeds and emails. You can’t help think about other people’s ideas, captions and tweets.

And that makes it difficult to get to know what you think, believe and feel.

So, Olivia’s healthy habit isn’t just about going phone-free for an hour. It’s about being free of outside stimulation so that the true you can emerge, along with your own ideas and emotions.

Make this a new healthy habit for 2019 and see what happens!

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