During the winter months, we don’t worry too much about our thighs. But pretty soon, we’re going to have to bare our legs and slip into shorts, rompers, skirts and bathing suits. And if you’re like most women, you’re probably not feeling very enthusiastic about that. So, to feel good about your thighs again, here are three effective moves that tone and sculpt your legs.

You can incorporate any or all of these moves into your current fitness routine. To see the changes you want, try to do each one for two minutes.

Curtsy lunge

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Place your hands on the hip and stand tall with shoulders rolled back and chest open. Stand with feet hip width apart, and step one foot behind you, bending both knees before stepping back to center. Repeat on the other side. This move helps tone four muscles in the front of your thigh, called quadriceps.

Plie and lift

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Bring your legs wider than hip-width apart, and bend knees. Remember to tuck your hips and zip up your abs. After you bend your knees in a plie, extend the right leg out straight to the side. To help you keep your balance, you can hold your arms in front of you while you bend knees, and extend them out to the side when you lift your your leg. This move works the quadriceps, along with your hip flexors.

Four and flex

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Blogilates founder, Casey Ho, teaches this cool move to activate the entire leg. Place hands on hips. Then, while standing on the right foot, trace the left foot up your standing leg until it reaches your right knee. Then, extend that your left leg out to the side before repeating. After a minute on one side, switch for a balanced workout.

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