By now, you’ve probably been wearing all your favorite camisoles, summer tops and dresses. And while they’re a lot of fun, they also come with one pesky problem: bras! How are you supposed to wear summery pieces without exposing your bra? If that’s your current wardrobe conundrum, this post is for you. 

Let your bra show

Why fight with your bra if you can just let it peak through a little bit? This is especially true if you have a cute bralette or bandeau. They look elegant and feminine whether you wear them under a top with low arm holes or an open back.

Wear a strapless bra

Some ladies like to avoid bra straps and spaghetti straps. So, if you’re raising your hand here, wear a strapless bra with your camisoles and strappy tops. This keeps your new and shoulder line clean and simple.

Wear nipple covers

If you want to wear a top with an open back or low arm holes, but you don’t want to put your bra on display, skip the bra altogether. instead, wear some sneaky nipple covers, like these Goldfarm Nipple Covers. They keep you covered up front but let you show off your back.


Wear a U-plunge bra

When you want some support while wearing a dramatic, plunging neckline, wear a U-plunge bra. This way you get coverage without any risk of your bra peeping through and ruining your look.  

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