Does it feel like you don’t get much of a break even when you take time off from work? That can be so frustrating. You know your time off is finite, and sooner or later, it will be time to go back to work. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you got some quality time off before you have to clock back in? To make sure that does happen, consider these four simple, yet brilliant tips to give yourself some quality time off.

Go app free

Whether you use your apps for work or play, consider deleting them during your time off. One notification is all it takes to fall down a dark rabbit hole of work-related tasks. Or, you can easily waste precious time with mindless scrolling.

Give yourself a challenge

The idea here isn’t to give yourself more work to do. Instead, choose a goal and see if you can accomplish it, like reading a couple books from your favorite author, cooking your way through a top cookbook, or going for a brisk, outdoor walk every morning. These little challenges give you something to focus on and help you feel good while you’re off.

Take a digital break

How would it feel to go computer-free, phone-free, internet-free and app-free? At first, you might not know what to do with yourself, but you’ll find you begin to relax and spend your time in other fulfilling and inspiring ways. Just be sure you let your friends and family know you’re taking a digital break so they don’t worry or think you’re ghosting them. 

If you must work, work with boundaries 

If you do need to work during your time off, create boundaries. This means, you allow yourself to work during specific times, but not outside of them. This means, when you do work, you make it more enjoyable for yourself by lighting a candle, treating yourself to your favorite latte, or gifting yourself a little shopping spree when you’re done. 

Introverts thrive when they’re not overstimulated, and they recharge when they’re alone. Their natural habitat is quiet places where they can retreat and engage in solitary activities. So, in a way, winter might seem like an introvert’s ideal season. However, the lack of sunshine and chilly weather can challenge even the most solitary of introverts. Not to mention, the covid-19 restrictions can take a toll, too. Here’s one tip that can help you (or your introverted friend) until Spring arrives.

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