I don’t know about you, but do you ever walk into a gym, see all the fancy machines and feel momentary panic? Which one do you choose? Which one will give you the best results? Well, if you want to lose weight, you’ll want to B-line to these three machines for an effective workout. 

When you want to lose weight, you’re not just focusing on burning fat with cardio workouts. Instead, you need to focus on building up muscle, too. And these three machines allow you to do you both. 

Rowing machine

According to CEO of NYC’s Halevy Life, Jeff Halevy says rowing machines are a great choice. “Because the entire body is working at once, energy expenditure is very high.” In fact, with a rowing machine, you get to work your arms, legs and core and increase your heart rate without having to stand up and jump around. 

Stair climber

With the not-so-fun, but very effective stair climber, you work large muscles groups, like your quads, glutes and hamstrings, along with your core. And this is good for booking your basal metabolic rate – or how many calories your body burns when you’re resting. 


Not only are you constantly moving on the treadmill, but you can also create your own high-intensity interval trainings (HIIT) by alternating between high and low inclines and speeds. And we all know that HIIT is great at increasing calorie burn off even after you finish your workout, helping you lose weight more quickly. 

5 foods to activate stem cells naturally

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Just last week, Kim Kardashian met with President Trump to advocate for Alice Marie Johnson. Johnson has been in federal prison since 1996 and is serving a life sentence for a low-level drug offense. After Karashian’s meeting, Trump has commuted Johnson’s sentence, granting her clemency and releasing the 63-year old grandmother from the Alabama prison, where she’s been living for over 20 years.

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