When it comes to trends, you can either take them or leave them. Because let’s face it: not all trends look good on every body. But this season’s trendy dress actually flatters every figure – including yours! The wrap dress makes just about every woman look bomb. So, here are seven ways to wear yours this year.

Date night look

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Pair your wrap dress with heels and your favorite handbag or clutch for a romantic evening outfit, or for a wedding guest look.

Casual weekend look

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Do you like to keep it casual? Your wrap dress doesn’t have to be dressy. In fact, you can wear your favorite pair of sneakers with it for an easy going outfit.

Layer your wrap dress with a tee

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Some wrap dresses come with a plunging neckline, which might not be the look you want to go with. So, layer a matching tee underneath to make it a little less dramatic. Or, you can add a contrast tee to make it a bit more fun.

Make a belt statement

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Wrap dresses are flattering because they highlight the tiniest part of your waist and hide any “problem” areas. But you can take it one step further by accentuating your waist with a bold statement belt.

Wear it with jeans

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Who says your dress has to be a dress? You can wear it as a flowy kimono over your favorite pair of denim jeans, too.

Create color contrast

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For cooler days, you’ll probably need to pull on a jacket or cardigan. And that’s a great opportunity to mix some bold colors together.

Office attire look

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Wrap dresses look fabulous with blazers, too. Just be sure to avoid oversized blazers. Otherwise, you’ll look like you’re drowning in your outfit. Instead, a fit blazer does the trick.

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