What are your body goals for this year? There’s probably at least one thing you want to achieve over the next 12 months. And while body goals are all well and good, sometimes they can be a bit superficial. Maybe you’re missing out on the most important one of all. Let’s find out what Jenny Mustard says about it.

Jenny Mustard is a lifestyle and vegan blogger and YouTuber, and she explores different body goals – basically, our motivation to exercise and eat better.

But instead of just focusing on what your body looks like, Mustard wants you to think about appreciating your body. After all, it’s what helps you get so much done every single day.

Looking good is a great body goal, and it allows us to achieve that flat stomach, tight abs and toned legs – just what you need for your summer bikini body.

But focusing on good looks limits your body to how it appears in your Instagram photo. And when you’re so focused on just looking good, it’s easy to forget how amazing it is to have a body that is strong, flexible and that moves in beautiful, powerful ways.

That’s why Mustard is advocating for the most important body goal of all: to feel comfortable and relaxed in your own skin.

Think about how great it would be to feel beautiful and strong in your own body, and to feel happy about it. To look at your body with love, rather than hate. If you can make self-acceptance and body positivity your ultimate 2018 body goal, chances are all of your other fitness goals will fall into place.

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