Mastering these 6 traits can help you get promoted

There are many things you should do if you plan on climbing the corporate ladder and nailing that upcoming promotion. You may think that a squeaky clean attendance record, following dress code and providing value is enough. But there’s more to it than that. In fact, there are six key traits that experts say will help you land leadership positions and grow your career.

A non-profit research organization, called the Center for Talent Innovation, came out with a new study showing that “executive presence” accounts for 26% of what a candidate needs to get promoted.

But what is executive presence? It’s the ability to be perceived as a leader – to look and play the part of a leader. And this is an image and impression you can master by cultivating these six traits:


Gravitas isn’t just one thing. Gravitas is the ability to mix humility with confidence. To be strong and also graceful. To exude confidence while being open to listening.

External demeanor

How do you show up? If you look and play the part of a leading lady – even before you have that role – people will be more likely to give you that role. But if you always act, dress and behave like the supporting actress, it will be difficult for people to imagine you otherwise.


It’s important to be yourself, but it’s also important to convey executive presence. Now’s the time to leave bad speech habits and millennial-style lingo at home.

Body language

Confident body language is a silent communicator. A strong hand shake, direct eye contact, fidgeting, picking, shifting, sitting up tall: they all say something about you and they greatly impact your external demeanor.

Personal pitch

If you had one minute to introduce and promote yourself, what would you say to convince and persuade? Work to create this concise and powerful pitch. Then, it can inform every initial meeting, or bolster your confidence when you’re feeling wobbly.


If you’re not dressed well, it can undermine your external demeanor and body language. So, look for tasteful pieces that fit your role and help you look the part.