Leading up to any marriage, there’s always lots of preparation and a sky-high checklist. Your to-do list gets a bit longer when you’re engaged to a prince, like American actress, Meghan Markle is. And in the countdown to her marriage to Prince Harry, Markle has ticked one very important item of off her to-do list: her baptism into the Church of England.

On Tuesday evening, Markle was baptized into the Church of England in a very intimate and private ceremony at the Chapel Royal. In the 45-minute affair, she was baptized by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Markle has become acquainted with Welby over the last several months as he’s taken time to instruct her in the church sacraments. Welby will also preside over her and Prince Harry’s marriage on May 19th, 2018.

Her future in-laws, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, along with her fiancé, Prince Harry, were in attendance, while she was baptized with holy water taken from the River Jordan.

Markle’s baptism makes a member of the Church of England. And along with her baptism, she was also confirmed. This means she can take Holy Communion not only at her upcoming wedding, but also at future church services.

Many people might assume that Markle had to get baptized in order to marry Prince Harry. However, her decision to become a member of the Church of England was a free choice. In fact, Markle chose to be baptized to honor and respect Queen Elizabeth, the head of England’s church.

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