It’s hard to believe that the Royal Wedding happened one week ago. And even though we’re all moving on, we can’t stop obsessing over Meghan Markle’s look. From her Givenchy gown to her glowing makeup, she swept everyone off their feet. And luckily, Markle’s wedding day makeup artist shares her five tips for glowy skin that you can try, too. 

Hydrate your skin

Glowy, illuminating makeup products are great, but for best results, prep your skin with a non-greasy moisturizer, says Markle’s makeup artist, Daniel Martin.

Neutralize spots and uneven tone

Even if you’re going for sheer, natural makeup, you still might need to cover up spots and redness. So, Martin suggests color-correcting products because they can “put your skin tone back to a blank-canvas stage.” 

Apply foundation carefully

Instead of smearing and swiping foundation, “use light, short circular motions” when applying your product. This will create a smooth, blended look and will keep your makeup from looking streaked and uneven.

Use eyeshadow primer for pimples

Pimples are not a good look, but neither are zits covered in concealer and setting powders. Martin suggests applying a redness-reducing eye drops to minimize redness. Then, apply an eyeshadow primer for perfect camoflauge. 

The best places for gold highlighter

To get a quick glowy look, apply gold highlighter in two specific places: below the eyes and on your cheekbones. Martin says this can “brighten the complexion and add a nice radiance to the face without looking too much.”

With summer nearly here, women are rushing to get their bikini bodies in shape for swimsuit season. From extreme diets to intense workouts, we’re determined to get that perfect body. However, if you suffer from hormonal imbalance  – and the bloating which can come from it – restrictive diets and strenuous exercise can harm you instead of help you. So, instead of crushing through intense workouts and diets, consider introducing probiotics to your diet.

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