If you miss seeing Michelle Obama, you’ll want to tune into The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Thursday. The former FLOTUS will make her first interview since leaving the White House on February 1st, which just so happens to be Ellen Degeneres’s 60th birthday, too.

Michelle Obama is no stranger to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As First Lady of the United States, she made frequent appearances much to the joy of her many fans and followers. She even co-hosted the show back in 2016.

And when DeGeneres celebrated the 20th anniversary of coming out, Michelle sent a video recording congratulating her, saying, “Time and again you have shown us what love really means. You are brave, you are kind – you are a terrible person to go shopping with” – referencing a skit her and Ellen did together, shopping at CVS to help prepare Michelle for life outside the White House.

It was a video that garnered 29 million views. It goes without saying that Obama and DeGeneres are a powerful pair. So, it seems only appropriate the Obama is returning to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to mark her first interview post White House.

Obama is just one of many guests who will help ring in Ellen’s two birthday-themed shows. But Thursday and Friday’s airings are not just a celebration of Ellen’s big day. Instead, there’s a focus on “paying it forward” and Ellen is filling the audience with people who took part in her campaign, #OneMillionActsOfGood.

Jennifer Aniston will also be featured in the two-part birthday special, and this female trio is sure to keep audience laughing and applauding.

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