Do you want to learn faster? Perhaps you’re a student, or work in a fast-paced environment that places many demands on your mind. Either way, being able to learn information faster is a great skill to have no matter who you are, or what you do. And thanks to new research, one way to learn faster might just be running faster.

Just last week, the Nature Neuroscience journal published research, observing mice and their running speeds on a treadmill. Scientists found that faster running speeds had a positive affect on the cerebellum, and in turn, the ability to learn more quickly.

According to the study’s lead author, Megan Carey, “The cerebellum is important for learning skilled movements. It calibrates movements in the face of the changing environment to coordinate them in a very precise way.”

So, how did researchers confirm that faster running seeds supports to faster learning. They taught the mice to blink if they saw a flash of light. But as the mice were learning this new skill, the researchers put mice on different treadmills, and therefore, varying speeds.

Study author, Catarina Albergaria, said that their “main finding was that [they] could make mice learn better by having them run faster.”

While this is true for mice, are these findings relevant for humans? According to Albergaria, further research is necessary to understand if increased running speeds can have the same influence on the human cerebellum.

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