Recently, there’s been an exciting buzz about famous engagements, including Prince Harry’s engagement to American actress, Meghan Markle. Now, the internet is all a buzz about Paris Hilton and her fiancé, actor Chris Zylka’s recent engagement.

After dating each other for two years, heiress, actress and model, Paris Hilton, announced her engagement to Zylka via Instagram on January 2nd. And even though Hilton is typically seen in glamorous settings, the proposal was anything but luxurious.

Zylka proposed to Hilton while they were on their skiing trip in Aspen, Colorado – all decked out in skiing gear. But the rustic backdrop didn’t stand a chance against the 20-carat diamond that Zylka gave to Hilton.

It’s reportedly worth about $2 million and that has definitely stirred up a lot of criticism in the few days following Hilton’s engagement.

People responded on social media with sarcastic and ironic comments, and perhaps it is difficult to have a conversation about Hilton without some reference to her wealth and/or status.

But we hope Hilton blocks it all out and just enjoys this ultimate special time. She shared on Instagram account (@parishilton) that she feels “like the luckiest girl in the world!”

So, while some people might want to hate on her for her enormous ring, we can feel happy for her. After all, all the money in the world can’t replace love and belonging. And just because she’s an heiress doesn’t mean she doesn’t want love – just like you and me.

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