Following the Parkland high school shooting that killed 17 individuals, students, teachers, parents and siblings suffered immense shock and grief. However, students refuse to be paralyzed by their grief. Instead, they’ve started a  powerful movement called #NEVERAGAIN

The shooting affected thousands of people throughout Parkland, Florida and nearby cities. However, even though these individuals expressed and experienced grief in different ways, one unified voice emerged crystal clear just four days after the shooting: #NEVERAGAIN.

The #NEVERAGAIN movement is the passionate response to the shooting, and it’s fueled by justifiably angry and resolute students. These young adults refuse to accept mass shootings as an American status quo. And their movement isn’t focused on the perpetrator, or the blood and gore. Their movement is a catalyst for change, once and for all.

Each student drew on their personal experience in this tragedy, and has brought their own unique gifts to this movement.

For example, just one day after the shooting, Cameron Kasky went from sharing his immediate reactions on his personal Facebook page to forming a non-partisan group page with the hashtag, #NEVERAGAIN.

According to him and his fellow students, school massacres need to stop no matter what political party you belong to. Their focus was to create real change via legislation.

After 17-year old Jaclyn Corin lost her friend in the shooting, she immediately took to Instagram asking followers to contact local and state representatives immediately. She personally met with Democratic Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, too.

Other students, who had spoken to media outlets, such as CNN, and who had taken to their own social media platforms, all came together just four days after the shooting to form cohesive #NEVERAGAIN movement.

A March for Our Lives is scheduled for March 24th, as a nationwide protest, and no doubt, the world will be watching as these brave young men and women push leaders to make lasting changes.