Last night was a special night for Parkland shooting survivors. They gave a surprise performance at the 2018 Tony Awards Sunday evening, where their drama teacher was also honored with a special award. Their performance brought a star-studded audience to tears and to their feet in a standing ovation.

What brought these drama students to the Tony Awards? Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School drama teacher, Melody Herzfeld, was recognized at the award ceremony with the special Excellence in Theatre Education Award. 

In an interview with TIME, Herzfeld said, “To be a teacher – who might’ve aspired to do something like this at one point in her life and found her true calling in producing and working with children, especially in high school – to have any significant light shed on that is really, deeply meaningful.” 

Herzfeld has directed the drama department for 15 years. And following the fatal shooting at her school in February, Herzfeld continued to help her drama students shine. Her prestigious award also comes with a $10,000 prize for her theater program.

To celebrate the special occasion, 10 drama students got to perform on the Radio City Music Hall stage at last night’s Tony Awards in a surprise performance of “Seasons of Love.” In this song from the musical, “Rent”, students sang of both love and loss in an emotional and passionate performance. 

Without a doubt the “Season of Love” lyrics are so timely and relevant to these students:

It’s time now to sing out, Tho’ the story never ends, Lets celebrate, Remember a year in the life of friends, Remember the love…measure in love, Measure your life in love.

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