Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande love to share their love on social media. And today’s no different. On the singer’s 25 birthday, Davidson posted some of the sweetest birthday messages ever. And these two lovebirds just might be the cutest celebrity couple right now.

This morning on Instagram Davidson (@petedavidson), kicked off Grande’s 25th birthday with a photo of them together. He’s wearing a casual outfit and baseball cap. His leading lady is decked out in heels and a little black dress. He’s carrying her. We’re in love. 

He writes, “happy birthday to the most precious angel on earth! You’re my favorite person that ever existed : ) I love you sm.”

But one isn’t enough. Davidson followed up with another birthday post. This time, he and Grande are embracing in a candid shot. This time, he wrote, “one more for the queen. Words can’t express what a real f*cking treasure this one is.”

Grande didn’t leave him hanging. She joined in on Instagram (@arianagrande), sharing her phone’s home screen in Instagram stories. It’s a picture of Davidson, with her own special caption: “ I have no wish I have everything I ever wanted.”

After dating for about a month, both Grande and Davidson got engaged in what you could describe as a whirlwind romance. And while they are planning on a long engagement, it’s clear these two lovebirds are enjoying the ride. 

Last week, President Trump signed an executive order, reversing his own policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. While this cruel and inhumane practice comes to a close, it still does nothing for those families who have already been torn apart. And according to one immigration lawyer, there’s no guarantee that families will be reunited.

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