Are you planning to wear a backless dress this summer? It’s such an exciting look, but it also exposes your entire back. And unless you focus on back muscles in your work out, chances are, it’s an area of your body that needs a little attention. So, if you want to pull off your backless dress, add these five back toning moves to your workout routine. 

Pilates instructor, Casey Ho, is the creator of Blogilates – a widely successful YouTube channel with over 4 million subscribers. Ho is getting married soon, and to prepare for her own nuptials, and to help other brides, Ho created her very own Bridal Bootcamp series.

In it, she shares her top moves for toning your back. Not only do these moves add some soft definition to your back muscles, but they also improve your posture, which makes every lady look 100 times better, right?

You can try each of these five back toning moves for up to one minute. Enjoy!

Walnut Crushers

How to: Sit on floor in a comfortable position. Hold your arms up like goal posts, keeping elbows lifted. Pulse your arms toward the back as if you were crushing a nut in between your shoulder blades.

Goal Post Puncher

How to: Keep your arms in goal post position. Swing your forearms to the front and out to the side, before returning to starting position. Repeat for one minute.

Reverse Plank Lifts

How to: Sit on the floor, propping yourself on your hands, with your legs straight ahead of you. Lift your glutes off the ground to create a straight line.

Bird Dog Pulses

How to: Get onto all fours, and lift opposite arm and opposite leg. Then, pulse both your arm and leg for one minute. Then, switch sides!


How to: Lay on your stomach, with legs resting on the ground and with arms in goal post position, with elbows at a 90 degree angle. Then, lift your arms and legs off the ground by squeezing your quads and glutes. Repeat for a minute.