Before Prince Harry and his American finance, Meghan Markle, can tie the knot, they need to check off an important bit of royal wedding protocol. They first must obtain Queen Elizabeth’s approval because Prince Harry is in sixth place to the crown. And while Meghan and Prince Harry can celebrate the Queen’s approval, there’s something curious about the monarch’s wording.

In Queen Elizabeth’s official blessing, she stated, “My Lords, I declare my consent to a contract of matrimony between my most dearly beloved grandson Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle, which I consent I am causing to be signified under the Great Seal and to be entered in the books of the Privy Council.”

She references her Prince Harry as her “most dearly beloved Grandson”, but apart from this tender reference, the rest of her blessing is a formal statement.

However, when you compare it to her 2011 statement for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage, there’s a striking difference.

Then, Queen Elizabeth stated, “Our most dearly beloved grandson Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, K.G. and our trusty and well-beloved Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.”

It doesn’t take long to see that Meghan Markle may have been royally snubbed. And people are raising their eyebrows to this discrepancy. Perhaps the difference in statements is because Queen Elizabeth simply knew Kate Middleton much better? Or, perhaps there’s a bit of cultural difference that takes some getting used to?

Can we conclude that the Queen’s statement, while saying little of Meghan Markle, may in fact say a lot about the Queen’s opinion of her future daughter-in-law?

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