Adaptogens, like red ginseng, are definitely popular buzz words in health and wellness today. And like many other plant and herbal medicines, adaptogens also have specific profiles to address specific health concerns. Red ginseng is a great for the irritating allergies which come during the spring. So, if that’s something you suffer from, keep reading to learn how red ginseng can help.

Since adaptogens are so popular, you might be tempted to just stock up on them all and take them at will. However, Functional Medicine Practitioner, William Cole, advises against this approach. He says that “since different adaptogens work better at enhancing certain parts of your health than others, it’s important to choose wisely and play up the strengths of each one.”

And when it comes to combating spring-related allergies, Cole recommends red ginseng as your top adaptogen.

This 2011 study found that red ginseng offers significant relief for symptoms of allergic rhinitis. For example, it helps alleviate nasal congestion and improve quality of life. What’s more, the study found that participants tolerated this adaptogen well.

A later study found that red ginseng could be a useful treatment method for allergic rhinitis by helping to reduce nasal inflammation, along with it’s symptoms of nasal itching, sneezing and a lower quality of life.

If you’re preparing yourself for spring allergies, perhaps adding red ginseng to your arsenal of natural remedies is a good idea.

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