Self-care tips for all 4 stages of your cycle

The four stages of your cycle change how you feel and what you need throughout the month. So, the best way to practice self-care is to sync it with your cycle. When you do, you can really give yourself the TLC you need. To get you started, here are self-care tips for every stage of your cycle. 

What are the 4 stages of your cycle 

Your cycle moves through four stages: follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual. Throughout these stages, your hormones fluctuate, affecting how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. 

So, the self-care practice that makes you feel great during the follicular phase might not help you during your luteal phase because your hormones are creating a different experience. Let’s look at each stage and the best self-care tips you can practice. 

Follicular phase self-care

In this phase, your energy levels are high. So, your self-care practice should be more on the active side. Go out, meet up with friends, try an intense fitness routine, etc. 

Ovulatory self-care

Here, you have lots of energy and your mood is pretty stable, too. So, focus on your social life, prioritize your workouts and invest in your favorite hobbies or activities. 

Luteal phase self-care

During your luteal phase, your energy begins to drop and you may feel yourself turning inwards. All those intense workouts from your follicular and ovulatory phase are not attractive anymore, and that’s OK. Instead, try a gentle yoga practice, curl up with a good book, take a warm bath, and suggest coffee or tea dates over late night outings. 

Menstrual phase self-care

This phase needs no introduction. It can be a challenging time of the month, so give yourself permission to rest and take it easy. This means saying “No” to invitations and events ahead of time. It also means eating nourishing foods to help you move through your period with as little discomfort as possible. 

Some days, your sex drive is alive and well, and other days, you‘re not really interested in sex. What gives? The truth is, your libido is connected to your monthly cycle. So, it’s natural and normal for your sex drive to go through phases and not be revved up all the time. So, keep reading to learn how a woman’s monthly cycle affects your sex drive.

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