Tomorrow, thousands are expected to come together throughout the US in the first-ever March For Our Lives. This march was organized at a rapid speed, thanks to the ferocity of school shooting survivors from Parkland, Florida. Their hashtag? #NEVERAGAIN. The coverline for Time Magazine? ENOUGH. It’s safe to say these young adults are the ones leading the gun control conversation. And tomorrow’s March For Our Lives is just the beginning. 

Just over a month ago on February 14th, a young man shot and killed 17 individuals in a deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Normally, these tragedies occur, and political leaders offer their condolences, and little else changes. But this isn’t good enough for these passionate young adults.

They want to see drastic, lasting changes in legislation, and they’re not willing to wait anymore. So, the #NEVERAGAIN movement was born, along with the March For Our Lives happening tomorrow.

And in a time where teens get a bad rap for always being on their phones and on social media, Parkland student, Jaclyn Cornin says, “social media is our weapon. Without it, the movement wouldn’t have spread this fast.”

Within days of their social media efforts, major news outlets, like CNN, began featuring them, helping them to gain even greater traction.

The reason why the March For Our Lives is so important to these Parkland survivors, and likely, to countless other individuals, is because as student Cameron Kasky syas, “The world has failed us, and we’re here to make new one that’s going to be easier on the next generation. If you’re against that, then get out.”

These students believe that it’s up to them to create the change needed for a safer country – a world which leaders and politicians are failing to protect, according to these teenage students.