The secret to healthier hair is in how you wash it

Do you think that the best way to have beautiful, healthy hair is to invest in all the right (expensive) products? Sure, there are some high-quality hair products that nourish hair, but the real secret to healthier hair is all in how you wash it. And chances are, you’re making some mistakes in the shower.

First of all, before you even step in the shower, detangle your dry hair. This can prevent unnecessary hair loss.

Secondly, less is more when it comes to shampoo. A small amount of shampoo mixed with water is all you need. That’s because you only put shampoo on your scalp – not your entire head of hair, and definitely not on the ends.

That’s where you use conditioner. But before applying it into your ends, be sure your hair is completely rinsed.

When you wash and condition your hair this way, you cleanse where you should, and also condition where you should, allowing your hair to really shine. But even with this hair regimen, it’s important not to overdo it.

Washing your hair twice a week is all you really need. Too much washing can strip the natural oils from your hair.

Finally, a scalp detox can help to remove a buildup of oils, like sebum, dandruff and dead skin. And doing a detox treatment once per week can help to purify and cleanse your scalp for healthy, vibrant hair.

This Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt soothes the scalp with a natural exfoliant, all without any paragons and phthalates, silicone or colorants.


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