Kate Middleton loves a good skirt suit, and turns out, so does London Fashion Week. But the skirt suit isn’t just for royals or fancy fashion weeks. You can wear them, too. But if these power suits are intimidating, check out these four looks for some outfit inspiration. 

ASOS DESIGN satin contrast suit in nude

Source: www.asos.com

Sexy, subtle and sophisticated. Who said workwear has to be boring?

Tahari ASL Bell-Sleeve Skirt Suit in Black

Source: www.macys.com

This demure and elegant suit might just be the new remedy for Monday blues.

Le Suit Petite Flare-Bottom Skirt Suit in Fire Red

Source: www.macys.com

Take some inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge with  bold and feminine skirt suit. 

ASOS DESIGN tailored floral jacquard blazer & mini skirt suit in floral

Source: www.asos.com

Don’t we all need a fashionable reminder to lighten up and have a little more fun – yes, even at work? Don’t be shy. You’ve got nothing to hide!

Reiss button double breasted jacket & mini skirt two-piece in navy

Source: www.asos.com

This power suit makes a bold statement with a tuxedo-style blazer and symmetrical buttons – perfect for when you need that extra boost of confidence. 

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