The THM diet is the new, up and coming diet trend. And with almost half a million Facebook followers, you might be familiar with it already. It’s a diet that says you can have both fats and carbs as long as you don’t eat these two food groups together. But we all know that trendy diets are a dime a dozen, so does the THM diet actually work?

THM diet stands for Trim Healthy Mama Diet. And as the name suggests, moms have something to do with it. It was created by sisters, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. Together, they wanted to improve their eating habits. Barrett wanted to lose weight. Her sister, Allison, wanted to find relief for her digestive symptoms.

So, they created the THM diet – a eating plan that allows carbohydrate meals at specific times, and fat-entered meals at other times. What followed was a 2012 self-published book that became a New York Times bestseller, along with their debut cookbook, The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.

Their diet welcomes all food groups: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. However, both fats and carbs are identified as “fuel types” and you should never eat them both together. Instead, you can pair carbs with protein, or fat with protein.

Can the THM diet work for you? As with all diets, there’s no one size fits all. However, the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page showcases many success stories, so one thing’s for sure: it’s working for a lot of women.

It might seem strange to teach your partner how to love you. After all, if he or she loves you, they love you, and that’s it, right? Not necessarily. The truth is, many of us give love that we want to give. But this isn’t necessarily what makes people feel loved. So, even if you and your partner are doing the best you can, you both can end up feeling frustrated and misunderstood. However, if you teach your partner how to love you, you can create a healthier relationship.

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